Seeking those with a story of redemption to tell...

Stigma. It's a word that causes negative perceptions and judgement to cloud the mind. It's a word that labels others that may be sick or in need. It's a word that causes us to look down on others. It's a word...that needs to stop. 

Those in addiction are also in pain. The pain is often the catalyst that projected them on the downward spiral. Trauma is also often at the root of addiction. Two things that impact so many, yet those that don't fall into the dark pit of addiction want to cast their judgement on those that do. 

Stop it. Stop it now. If you peel back the layers of addiction, pain, and trauma you will find a person. Someone that was once loved but is now a castaway. Someone that needs to know that there is hope. 

I'm looking for stories to tell through the photographic medium. Stories that depict stigma and how to overcome it. Stories that provide hope. 

I'm not sure myself yet how this plays out. However, let's take the journey together. Let's pull the mask off that we hide behind and embrace those around us. Let's bury the stench of stigma and plant the seeds of love. 

Think you have a story? Reach out to me. Let's talk. 

Inquires can be sent to: 

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