*I'm currently working on a better method of ordering prints. For now, please just provide a description of the image and I will communicate with you to verify the correct one prior to sending an invoice. Thank you for bearing with me and I appreciate your patience.
Please contact boilerroomimagewerks@gmail.com with your size and selection and we will provide you with an invoice for payment. Feel free to contact with any questions you have as well. 
Premium papers are utilized that  provide your image with archival quality, superb clarity, and the best colors / tonal range for your final piece. 
8x10         $45
11x14        $75
16x20       $95
24x36      $125
30x40     $165
Square Prints
Some images are shot on cameras that capture a square image on the negative. The following print sizes are directly applicable for these.
12x12     $65
20x20    $85
30x30    $135
Panoramic Prints
Panoramic images are captured using a panoramic film camera. The following print sizes are directly applicable for these.
8x20      $65
12x36     $110
20x40    $145
Fine Art Prints
Similar in look and feel to watercolor paper, these prints are truly spectacular. For those that demand the highest level of quality and artistic expression, these should be in consideration. Fine art prints are more fragile than a traditional print and should be handled with care. 
11x14      $125
16x20     $175
24x36     $235
Canvas Wraps
11x14      $115
16x20     $135
24x30     $195
*Custom sizes and finishes are available upon request. 
*If your organization / corporation would like to purchase in large quantities, please have your buying agent contact via the information below for quotes.
You may contact directly at boilerroomimagewerks@gmail.com