Tony Patterson is a formally trained award winning commercial / fine art photographer with national clientele experience. He resides in Tullahoma, TN and is originally from Ohio. Patterson specializes in the use of film photography equipment and the black & white image. Patterson's favorite format is the 4x5 negative. His primary cameras are a Speed Graphic with Aero Ektar lens, Chamonix 45N-2, and 4x5 pinhole camera.  For his digital work, Patterson utilizes Fuji X cameras combined with Fuji X lenses in addition to vintage lenses from days gone by. A Leica M series camera is used for smaller film formats. Patterson currently prints in his personal darkroom. He hopes to one day move up to the 8x10 format when able. 
His work has been on display in the Tennessee State Museum, featured in print publications, utilized in website editorials, and displayed in various exhibits.  Most recently his work was on display for three months as part of a world class exhibit at the Nashville International Airport. 
Additionally, Patterson has had images placed under license by Fujifilm North America for use in their ads worldwide. He is a RAW Artist and also one of the editorial contributors for the print and web publication Photographize (www.photographize.co). Patterson has been a judge in international black & white photographic competitions and local events. 
The Boiler Room Imagewerks name is derived from a studio that Patterson had located in the boiler room of a local Coca Cola bottling plant. It was perfect for Patterson's style and helped launch the work that you see here. When the studio was closed, the name stuck and will forever remain. 
Patterson is available on a commission basis. Additionally, he is also available for guest speaking engagements and instruction. His favorite topic focuses on how to inject emotion into every image. To inquire, please send correspondence to: boilerroomimagewerks@gmail.com.